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Cynthia Call’s law practice is focused on mediation, business law, estates and probate. Mediation is an economical way of resolving disputes, whether the case is already in the court system or not. Not only is the cost of mediation significantly less than litigation costs, but it takes less time. Finally, favorable results can be achieved in mediation which a court may have no power to award.

As an attorney, Cynthia Call has represented her clients in more than forty mediations. She brings that experience, along with her litigation experience, to her role as a registered mediator. If you have questions concerning the mediation process, please call 706-548-9705.

Cynthia Call’s representative cases are as follows:

In her first jury trial, Cynthia obtained a recovery of $196,000.00 for the heir of an estate after the judgment was appealed and the Georgia Court of Appeals granted her motion for sanctions against opposing counsel for frivolous appeal.

In a federal jury trial, with co-counsel, she obtained a verdict for $164,000.00 for the minority shareholder of a corporation against an officer for breach of fiduciary duty to the shareholder. The verdict included $100,000.00 for punitive damages.

As the court-appointed administrator of a large estate with both commercial and residential real estate holdings, she managed the going business of the estate until sale, and managed auctions of the business and real estate. As attorney for the estate, she conducted numerous hearings, depositions, emergency hearings, contempt actions, and a damages trial, which resulted in preservation of the estate’s value for the heirs.

Cynthia obtained an award of attorneys fees for the sellers of a going business and associated real estate. The award was made for the trouble and expense which the sellers experienced in recovering their funds when the purchaser breached the sales contract.

She obtained a jury verdict for fraud and punitive damages against a defendant who transferred real estate to his daughter in order to avoid the enforcement of a previous judgment against the property.

She settled a complex civil matter for $154,000.00 cash which involved the sale of two businesses, a lease of one of the businesses, an eviction proceeding, a suit to partition real estate, and a suit for cancellation of a deed obtained by fraudulent inducement.


Although her goal is to obtain results for her clients, Cynthia recognizes that client contact and satisfaction is of equal importance. Telephone calls are returned within 24 hours, or sooner, unless she is in trial. Copies of all correspondence and pleadings are provided to the client.